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Posay Miniature Poodles

Hessler's Standard Poodles

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No more comments allowed! If so, it will be removed!! This post is to educate poodle buyers!

I get asked about Merle often. I seen this and I’m sharing so others can be educated on this dangerous gene introduced to our poodles.

Let's talk Merle :

Cute until pups are born deaf and blind with cardiac and skeletal problems because of the Merle pattern. Added to the fact they can have the fatal MDR1 gene from Collies/Shepherds.

Sadly this Merle colour is creeping in everywhere and although it might look pretty it’s pretty deadly if breeders don’t know what they’re doing.

Some are passing off Poodles as being pure bred Merles now too.

It's NOT pure and never, ever was a pattern in Poodles. That means that the Merle gene HAD to be introduced into the Poodle via another breed of dog.

Why introduce a multitude of health issues to a breed like ours?!

Unethical greeders market merles as 100% Poodle, which DNA tests are confirming, as well as having them KC Registered in the past. Because no colour testing is required to register those breeders can click Black/White etc and get away with it. So for the new merle buyer shown the DNA test saying it's 100% Poodle and they are KC Registered the new owner believes them. What colour do their KC papers state? Chances are it'll be Black/White because the UK KC does not allow Merle to be registered.

DNA tests show as being 100% Poodle from about 5 generations but merle is NOT and NEVER has been a pure Poodle colour EVER, it's been introduced from another breed, usually an Australian Shepherd hence the health issues. 5 Generations prove nothing and all the greeders know it.

Merle's can carry MDR1 which is a genetic blood/brain barrier issue found in herding dogs, MDR1 Mutant dogs can be killed by ingesting Ivermectin, a common ingredient found in most animal de-wormers so that's also another reason they should be checked. Can you imagine selling a puppy only for it to die because of MDR1. It annoys me that breeders can and do lie especially when it's something that can be fatal.

The other thing to REALLY consider with Poodles and their natural colouring....Cryptic (Hidden) Merles. Basically Poodles come in Creams and Apricots so 'if' a pale merle was born you might not notice it was actually merle, you might think Cream. If that was bred to another merle (Double merle or Lethal white) you then have deaf and blind pups. It also doesn't necessarily hide in Creams, there could be a tiny white spot that looks white on a Black but could in fact also be a Merle. That's another reason why it's just so dangerous to be brought into our breed where it wasn't there in the first place.

So what if the original Merle breeder does the tests can they guarantee a buyer will, if they breed, maybe accidently, with another merle? So they, the original breeder, have introduced a colour that can, in the future if bred by someone with no knowledge, cause deaf and blind pups. Imagine doing that to your dog's progeny because that's exactly what they are doing! Imagine allowing for deaf and blind pups all because of a new trend and money?!

Why should you care, if you are just buying a pretty pup, with no intention of breeding?

By buying this pattern puppy it's a similar sentiment to buying a puppy farm puppy, you might get lucky and have a lovely pup (even though it is not a purebred Poodle), but you have supported someone that is breeding purely for profit, that has no interest in breed preservation or bettering the breed.

Thankfully the UK Kennel Club have recently banned registration of Merles and any breeder found to have lied will lose their KC Affix and pups, including past litters, will be de-registered.

Don't fall for this new fad, don't encourage it by buying one and educate others about this dangerous pattern in Poodles, let's not allow our beautiful breed, already with a multitude of amazing true colours, to be bastardised with merle like so many others have happened to.